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Blog on laser marking & traceability, laser cleaning and safety standards

Analysis of Different Plastic Injection Mold Cleaning Solutions

By Normand Lemieux December 10, 2018

More time in mold repair is spent cleaning mold plates and tooling than in any of the other..

Laser Cleaning, a Realistic Alternative to Sandblasting

By Normand Lemieux December 6, 2018

Sandblasting is extensively used in some many industry that it is pointless to list them all..

Laserax Completes a Second Investment Round to Support its Growth

By Normand Lemieux November 29, 2018

Laserax was founded in 2010 and in less than 5 years, the Québec City company grew to 40..

Three Industrial Laser Cleaning Applications for Metal [video]

By Normand Lemieux November 23, 2018

Here is three examples of laser cleaning metal with Laserax’s laser cleaning systemsLaser..

La croissance de Laserax est assurée par une seconde ronde d'investissements

By Normand Lemieux November 22, 2018

Laserax a été fondée en 2010, mais c’est environ 5 ans plus tard que la compagnie de Québec..

Laserax's Guide to How Fiber Lasers Work ?

By Normand Lemieux November 15, 2018
Like any other laser, fiber optic lasers are devices that generate light of a special kind. The..

Laserax : Leader de la technologie de marquage au laser dans l’industrie des métaux primaires

By Normand Lemieux November 8, 2018

Investissement Québec et Desjardins Capital investissent 10,8 M $ dans Laserax Inc. La compagnie..

What Laser Engraver You Should Use for Non-ferrous Metals?

By Normand Lemieux November 1, 2018

Laserax has developed laser direct part marking solutions that are specific to the primary..

Laserax Adds a 200 W Fiber Laser for Marking and Cleaning Applications

By Normand Lemieux October 23, 2018

Quebec City, Canada, Laserax is launching a 200 W laser to complement its wide range of fiber..



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