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Laserax Launches Inline Laser Marking and Laser Cleaning Solutions

Manufacturers of parts used in the automotive industry can rely on Laserax’s complete laser marking solutions to provide world-class traceability to their customers.

Québec City, Canada: Global manufacturers are facing increasing pressure from their clients in the automotive industry to provide part-to-part traceability. Being able to trace every part inside their production facilities with a unique, permanent, scannable barcode provides data-oriented manufacturers invaluable information for process control.

Laserax has developed a complete line of laser markers that enables direct part marking to help manufacturers trace every product from early production steps to the assembly of the final products and beyond.

Manufacturers can count on Laserax’s field-tested inline laser marking solutions, which have been designed for optimal robustness, performance, reliability, and safety. Laserax’s laser technology experts help clients take the burden of laser safety certification off of their shoulders.

Mr. Eric Bourbeau, responsible for product standardization at Laserax, said: “Our customers will find value in these prepackaged, highly adapted inline solutions. Dealing with only one specialized stakeholder beats having to deal with the laser manufacturer, an integrator, installers, and laser safety compliance specialists.”


Laserax develops innovative solutions to address long-time challenges every manufacturer encounters. From the unique identifications of parts or batches of parts to the inline localized removal of paint and rust and to direct part markings that withstand post-process treatments, such as heat treatment, e-coating and even shotblasting.

 The company’s complete inline laser solutions come with every component required to ensure optimal operating conditions for the laser marker. In turn, this will provide the most consistent high-quality markings and the longest useful life for your laser system. Laserax’s Inline laser marking machines simplify the integration with existing PLC infrastructure.

Laserax is a Canadian-based manufacturer of laser marking machines. It has seen its sales grow by 100% over the last three years and generates 70% of its sales in 15 countries.


Other direct part marking technologies simply cannot reach the levels of contrast, legibility, and resistance to post-process treatments that are consistently achieved with Laserax’s laser marking machines.

 Laserax has developed three laser marking machines that are being used in the harshest industrial environments, such as manufacturing plants for automotive parts, diecasters, extruders, foundries and more. 

Open-Air Laser Machine (OAM) - LaseraxOpen-Air Machine (OAM)

The Open-Air Machine is a no-nonsense machine used in automated production cells that is serviced by an industrial robot. The robot holds the part in front of the machine during the marking operation. When the marking is complete, the robot can resume the production cycle.

Rotary Table Machine (RTM) - LaseraxRotary Table Machine (RTM)

 The Rotary Table Machine is a sophisticated solution for automated laser marking of parts. Its feeding system allows the marking to be accomplished in hidden time.

As the marking of a part starts inside the laser safety enclosure, a part that was previously marked is unloaded and brought by a robotic arm to the following station. The robot can then load the RTM with a fresh part to be marked.

Rotary Table Workstation (RTW) - LaseraxRotary Table Workstation (RTW)

The Rotary Table Workstation is manually fed by an operator; however,  everything else is automated. It ensures reliable and consistent markings. The safety of the operators is ensured through best-in-class machine design.


logo LaseraxAbout Laserax

Laserax is a laser system manufacturer that provides effective, reliable and safe solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. We rely on a team of laser technology experts to offer a complete range of products for laser marking and laser cleaning.



Supplementary information

Contact Information: Mr. Alex Fraser, CTO and Vice President, Laserax Inc., +1 844-780-7324 #105, afraser@laserax.com, www.laserax.com

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/laserax/t64L51

YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn92UMY4z2EfuLTPAlG14XxLN_7BZm8B8

More information about Laserax’s patent pending shotblast resistant marking process: https://blog.laserax.com/product-launch-shotblast-resistant-laser-marking


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