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Industrial Laser Trends

Blog on laser marking & traceability, laser cleaning and safety standards

Modular Laser Systems Specific to Your Challenge

By Normand Lemieux, BBA December 12, 2017

At Laserax, we understand that your needs are unique, yet you don’t want the high price that..

Laserax remporte le prix Innovation - Jeunes Entreprises de l'ADRIQ

By Normand Lemieux, BBA December 5, 2017

Ce 30 novembre, Laserax a remporté le prix Innovation - Jeune Entreprise lors du 27e Gala des..

High-Power Laser Marker Embedded in Conveyor Enclosure

By Normand Lemieux, BBA November 28, 2017

High-power lasers, such as those used for marking identifiers on metal, can be embedded in..

Webcast: Part Traceability and Permanent Laser Marking

By Normand Lemieux, BBA November 21, 2017

Lasers were first used in industrial applications by Western Electric in 1965 (1). Since then,..

Three Examples of Industrial Laser Marking Systems with Alex Fraser

By Normand Lemieux, BBA November 15, 2017

Laser marking is, by nature, an ideal match for automated assembly lines. Lasers are capable to..

Integrating laser markers : An interview with Paul Rochette

By Normand Lemieux, BBA November 9, 2017

Mr. Paul Rochette, Director Business Development for Primary Metal - Laserax

Industrial Traceability in the Aluminum Industry with Laser Marking

By Normand Lemieux, BBA October 26, 2017

Accountability is currently one of the most important priorities in manufacturing, especially in..

Québec héberge le nouveau pôle d’excellence en optique-photonique

By Normand Lemieux, BBA September 22, 2017

La vice-première ministre et ministre responsable des PME, de l’Allègement réglementaire et du..

Will the Internet of Things Impact Traceability for Manufacturers?

By Normand Lemieux, BBA August 17, 2017
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is making quite a ruckus on the web. But how important..

5 Things to Know About Laser Cleaning

By Arthur Perret July 25, 2017


Industrial cleaning, such as removing rust from old steel parts, can be a tedious process...


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