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Blog on laser marking & traceability, laser cleaning and safety standards

Laserax : Leader de la technologie de marquage au laser dans l’industrie des métaux primaires

By Normand Lemieux November 8, 2018

Investissement Québec et Desjardins Capital investissent 10,8 M $ dans Laserax Inc. La compagnie..

What Laser Engraver You Should Use for Non-ferrous Metals?

By Normand Lemieux November 1, 2018

Laserax has developed laser direct part marking solutions that are specific to the primary..

Laserax Adds a 200 W Fiber Laser for Marking and Cleaning Applications

By Normand Lemieux October 23, 2018

Quebec City, Canada, Laserax is launching a 200 W laser to complement its wide range of fiber..

Product Launch: Shotblast Resistant Laser Marking

By Normand Lemieux October 16, 2018

Quebec City, Canada. Laserax will launch its exclusive patent-pending shotblast resistant laser..

What Are the Differences Between Laser Engraving and Laser Annealing?

By Normand Lemieux August 27, 2018

Fiber lasers are used to carry out laser direct part marking (LDPM) on various metals. From the..

Laser Marking Time Estimate for Industrial Applications

By Normand Lemieux June 29, 2018

Traceability can be the source of a great competitive advantage for diecasters and many others..

Laser Etching, Engraving & Annealing: What's the Difference?

By Guillaume Robert June 19, 2018

All companies want the same thing: to deliver high quality products and to prove to our..

Laser Engraving for the Diecasting and Primary Metals Industries

By Normand Lemieux June 4, 2018

This post offers an overview of laser direct part marking, the reasons to favour Data Matrix..

Laser Safety Resources and references

By Julien-Mathieu Audet April 18, 2018

When integrating high-power laser on production floors some concerns regarding the safety of..



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