Discover the Challenges of part traceability and permanent part marking in the automotive and primary metals industries

Image of Laser Markings on Aluminum - Ingots, Billets, Extrusions and Die CastingsIn order to assure traceability back to the first production step proper marking of each part is required. This marking may be needed because your customer requires it; however, it may also be used internally for quality improvement purposes.

Permanent part marking is the best way to keep track of all data as the information is embedded in the product.

See why laser marking is the most appropriate solution for the automotive and primary metal industries.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How laser marking works
  • The types of surfaces lasers can mark
  • The contrast levels that can be achieved
  • The link between contrast and marking speeds
  • The impact of the material's temperature on marking speed
  • The influence of alloy composition on the marking contrast

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