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Blog on laser marking & traceability, laser cleaning and safety standards

Normand Lemieux

Laser Engraving for the Diecasting and Primary Metals Industries

By Normand Lemieux June 4, 2018

This post offers an overview of laser direct part marking, the reasons to favour Data Matrix..

The Basics of Laser Safety... For Open-Air Enclosure

By Normand Lemieux April 13, 2018

As a smelting, a die-casting or extrusion professional, are you considering the use of laser..

Process Control with Laser Direct Part Marking by Arick Kaschalk

By Normand Lemieux April 3, 2018

Hear what Arick Kaschalk from Visi-Trak, a leading provider of monitoring and control solutions..

The Challenges of Direct Part Marking (DPM) and Post Process Treatments

By Normand Lemieux March 8, 2018

We have been saying for quite some time now that laser Direct Part Marking (DPM) is the..

Marking Stainless Steel Parts Using a Laser Workstation

By Normand Lemieux February 27, 2018

Automotive stainless steel parts are often subjected to temperature cycling, to salt and..

The Basics of Safety for Sealed Laser Enclosures

By Normand Lemieux January 24, 2018

One of the most common uses of lasers is, you guessed it, office laser printing. As a matter of..

Industrial Traceability: Barcodes and 2D Codes

By Normand Lemieux January 17, 2018

Laser Direct Part Marking (LDPM) is the identification of individual parts (or bundle of parts)..

Laserax's Versatile Handheld Laser Cleaner

By Normand Lemieux January 11, 2018

Laserax’s mobile laser cleaner can be used to clean weld, remove paint or rust, and for other..

The Basics of Laser Safety

By Normand Lemieux January 4, 2018

Nobody expects that the intensity required to tear speckles of metal from a part to be harmless..

Laser Automation of an Industrial Laser Marking System

By Normand Lemieux December 18, 2017

High-power lasers, such as those used for marking, cleaning and cutting applications, when they..



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